Thanks for all you are doing, you are really making a difference for me, very glad I found you.  If there is any way that I can give back – any research even if it is just looking things up—I would be happy to be of assistance to you.


….the instruction is very good and done professionally…I believe the methodology you use works well and makes sense to me…I think you folks are great.


My trading is going well.  I did 10% last month…doing swing trading, and day trading the S&P and some opening price day trading with stocks.  So it's going well thanks to your tutoring! I've cut out the stupid trades which has helped my bottom line.  I've stuck to your time frames for trading and warning signs and that has also helped.  The divergences, I believe, have also acted as an excellent filter.  I really appreciate your candor with your trades...I've really learned that sticking to your plan and managing your risk is the key to trading.


Your website is great, the articles always hit home and more ideas keep coming to our heads.


First of all let me say thank you for offering a great service. Thank you again for all of your help.


Your service is a bargain…I've been looking at your intraday charts a bit after the fact during the day. I've also taken advantage of the archive charts both intraday and swing trading.


I sincerely appreciate your timely updates.  I believe you offer one of the best services for trading the market.


This is the best newsletter you've written to date. Keep up the good work. I've been using your strategies to trade lazy, i.e, mutual funds. Works there too!


Thank you for the very honest comments...I think tapping into the Elliott wave site has been useful in that it is taught me the five wave impulse and three wave corrective cycles. Once again thank you very much for your friendship, and the information you have given me and thank you once again for a site that really works...  it is valuable for all of us to watch the entry and exit points, and that part alone has been more than worth the monthly charge.


Great job, great site.


Really appreciate the Trade Tips and Commentary.


You are doing a great is great to see what you have done... I can say I definitely learn from you!


Good looking stuff. Good luck. Keep me apprised of your work. It was my pleasure to meet you in Chicago.

John Hill – Futures Truth

I've been watching and learning every day.
I'll be in Mexico for a week or so. I think it is very courageous to post real trades day in and day out - showing an actual real time account. NOBODY else does this. Nobody else has the balls. Good luck.


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