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Recognized as the 2017 Bond Timer of the Year by Timer Digest

Our Trading Method

Technical analysis utilizing classic geometric patterns in conjunction with Fibonacci ratios. Trade setups are evaluated using dynamic time, price, trend line and momentum techniques. Elliott wave counts are used when practical. The result is proven trade setups with low risk and draw down.

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Dynamic Trader Software

Dynamic Trader is our first choice for Harmonic trading of the financial markets, and will put you on the fast track to getting the Harmonic Edge.

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Short Term Futures Trade Service

Short Term trades in the S&P 500, Euro, Gold and 10 year note futures with timely email alerts and specific trade management (entry points, stops and targets). These are trades lasting a few hours to a few days. All trades are followed up until closed. Learn more

Intermediate Term ETF Trade Service

These are trades lasting a few weeks to a few months. Typically just one or two trades per week. Ideal for busy individuals, those just getting started or traders looking to diversify and capture larger market moves. Learn more

Mentorship Program

A comprehensive approach to learning intermediate, short term and day trading methods. With one on one assistance in designing trading systems and dealing with the psychological side of the business.
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What Traders Are Saying

"As an active member and floor trader of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange for 25 years I have seen many analytical services that have come and gone. You  provide an invaluable service which I highly recommend and will continue to subscribe to."

JS - Vice Chairman Feeder Cattle Pit
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